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A blessing to this community

By Staff | Feb 21, 2014

While preparing for the story in today’s paper on Food Lion and the Masonic Lodge partnership, I was completely impressed with the service to community done by the local grocery. I know that not all businesses are so giving even within the same corporate structure. This is the case with our local Food Lion.

Under the leadership of Doug Whiteman, store manager and through the hard work and pleasant service of his store associates, this local business offers not only excellent customer service but a habit of charitable giving that is to be commended.

Many stores throw items away before they would donate them to someone in need. The fear of legal action, perhaps, leads some in that direction. But, with proper procedures in place for protection in today’s “sue happy” world, Whiteman is able to work with organizations that are able to provide to those who have found themselves in a difficult time and need assistance.

The sincere attitude of giving from the heart that is evident within the walls of the Shepherdstown Food Lion makes me want to shop there even more than ever.

In addition to their corporate charities of the Children’s Miracle Network and Easter Seals, the store reaches out to those who visit locally and are in need. There is no better example that can be set for all in the community. And the fact that the store has done this for many years without fanfare is another sign that their actions are genuine. The staff and management there simply want to help their neighbors.

We could all take a lesson from the actions of this business and make a difference in the life of someone who has fallen on some difficult times. One never knows when such circumstances can happen and any one of us can find ourselves in that position.

Kudos to Food Lion and the Brothers of Harmony Masonic Lodge #42, as well, for recognizing a need and filling it simply because it is a compassionate thing to do, and not because of the recognition they might receive. We at the Chronicle do give them that recognition because it is well-deserved and the community should be aware of the ‘neighbors helping neighbors’ philosophy that exists.