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Jump on the volunteer bandwagon

By Staff | Apr 11, 2014

The cold, dreary weather is behind us and the time is ripe for volunteer opportunities. With multiple events coming up in the spring months, the number of activities continues to increase.

Lots of us enjoy great events such as the Back Alley Garden Tour and Tea, the Earth Day celebration, May Day festivities and so many more, but do we really consider what goes into making all these events happen?

As an avid (sometimes too much so) volunteer, I have seen and been involved in the work necessary to pull off an event for a community. The hours are long, planning is often complicated with timing, work loads, lack of funding and any other number of issues. But, oh the finished product is well worth it.

But sometimes getting to the finished product makes those of us who constantly volunteer wonder first, why we do it and second, where are others who could help?

With recessions and budget cuts, the need for volunteers is stronger than ever. Just because an event doesn’t receive some funding via grants, donations or government allocation, doesn’t mean that the event is not worthwhile. The competition for assistance is high and the recipients are fewer and farther between.

But as a community of volunteers, we can work together to make sure we are able to continue to enjoy the family and community oriented events. It just takes a little time-which when given by many makes the load lighter.

With all this said, where are opportunities to volunteer? As listed above, the Earth Day event is coming up Apr. 26. Volunteers are still needed for this growing event at Morgan’s Grove Park. The Garden Tour and Tea, although not until May 17-18, are well into the planning stages. If you have an interest, contact the organizers; they can find a place that you can fill. Or if an event of that nature is not your cup of tea, join in the efforts to clean our highways via an Adopt a Highway group, drive someone to their doctor’s appointment via Good Shepherd Caregivers; teach a Sunday School class….the list is endless and the needs are many. Step up and join in!