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Get out and vote

By Staff | May 30, 2014

This Tuesday, June 3, marks the date for the election of Shepherdstown officials. While many may think that voting in a small town election is not of major importance, there could be nothing further from the truth.

The officials chosen to serve on the Town Council and as Mayor here and around the country, mark the first step in policy-making, leadership and established order in a political system that governs our nation.

While it is true that in Shepherdstown there is only one contested race, the support shown by local community voters who come out to mark a ballot shows those residents’ commitment to their hometown and to the leaders for whom they cast that vote. Whether it be one seat or six, the votes are needed to officially complete the election process and announce victors. Even more than that, the votes show those candidates who have given their time, efforts and often finances to run that those whom they wish to serve appreciate their efforts.

Make sure you show your appreciation and come out to vote this Tuesday!