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Is it ever possible to be prepared?

By Staff | Jun 9, 2014

As I write this editorial, I sit in the beautiful Outer Banks where we began our family vacation this past weekend. As with most people, I assume, who work with words for a living, I had made the proverbial list after list of items to take, phone numbers to have, things to do when we got here.

What I didn’t look for or prepare for was a trip to an emergency vet. As we walked home from the beach our first afternoon here, after taking our granddaughters to see the ocean for the first time, as well as our miniature daschund, we met a family walking back who had two dogs. All three of the animals on leashes, we still tightened up on Jeter’s leash because he gets a little yappy. Just as we thought we were past the other group, out of nowhere that large dog pulled his owner toward our little dog and scooped him up, shaking him like he was a pull toy. Even his owner could not get him loose.

In what now plays in my mind like a dream, I saw my little Jeter, blood coming from his head and mouth, lying beside the street in Avon, NC-someplace I should not have brought him. Someplace I had no idea where to find a vet, what to do or how to fix him.

Thank heavens for permanent residents of the island who came out of their home, had the number for the emergency vet, who thankfully answered and who fixed up our baby.

Lesson learned, no matter how much you plan for a vacation, how many lists, how many fun things you plan to do, you can never be prepared for it all. At least I know next time that I will check out both human and animal doctors, dentists, hospitals just to be prepared. I don’t think I will ever feel comfortable again walking my little dog in the company of big dogs, even though it was a fluke that this happened. I don’t think I will ever look at him again that I don’t see him lying there, in shock I assume, and fearing that he was dying. Not something I ever wish others to go through, but in case of any emergency, remember to do a little research before you travel and then be thankful for the local folks who come to assist.