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Sharing a mother’s pride

By Staff | Jun 13, 2014

As I write this week, I am preparing to head to my youngest child’s 8th grade graduation ceremony. I am still trying to figure out where the time went that indicates she has completed middle school. I search in vain for the time that has passed that allowed me to witness my oldest child graduate from Fairmont State University a few weeks ago. I see my son working at a job everyday when he should still be playing Little League or at least baseball for Jefferson High. My second daughter is on the verge of driving at 15 and is asking all the time to get the dreaded “permit.”

In my mind, little time has passed since each of these miracles in my life were brought home in a car seat and unable to fend for themselves. Now, most of the time, they don’t need me unless it’s for money, a ride, clothes…you know, the normal teenage and above needs of our children.

I listen daily as my little Polly calls with information on job interviews from her new home in Newell, W. Va. (where is that, anyway?). I can’t quite grip the fact that she doesn’t live with us anymore.

I will see Samantha, today, give a speech leaving Harpers Ferry Middle School where she has served as student council president this year. A young lady in the making-along with Maggie who bridges the gap to sophomore year in high school-they have grown too quickly. Allen working in Washington, D.C. this week laying hard wood floors until nearly midnight had me wanting to call the boss and say, “It’s too late for him to be out.” But, it’s the grown up life; it’s responsibility.

And responsible they are. As much as I will always worry about them, as their mother, they have been raised well. They treat others with respect, work hard and love home, family and the Lord. It is gratifying to see that what we tried to instill in them has worked, despite the many times we wondered if all our efforts were in vain.

What I learn each day is that I should never take a moment of their lives for granted. Despite getting frustrated with them at times; sometimes even downright angry; every second I have with them is a blessing to my life. They make me happier than any of them will ever know even if it’s sometimes hard to let them grow up. Making a public statement is the least I can do to show them how much I love them and how very proud I am to be their mother.