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Baseball worth watching

By Staff | Jul 11, 2014

Despite the fact that the Charles Town Cannons have been playing locally at Jefferson High School for two years now, the attendance at their home games is often very light. That surprises me greatly in this “baseball” community in which we live. I am attributing it to the idea that folks still don’t realize that we have a team of college kids playing competitive ball right here in our county.

And play ball, they can! These players, who have traveled to our community from all across the country, have been “adopted” by local families as they play the game they love. All are college players and this opportunity to play as a part of the Valley Baseball League, gives them an opportunity to continue to train over the summer months as well as be seen by potential scouts for major league teams.

The boys play usually six nights a week, home and away and provide some great baseball!

If you haven’t made a trip over the Jefferson High’s Sager Field, which is home to the Cannons, get out and do it now! The season runs through July 27 with home games remaining on July 18, 19, 20, 23, 24 and 27.

Many of us have raised ball players and have spent hours at the Little League parks or spend time watching games on TV. This is an opportunity for some live baseball featuring some up and coming potential major league players. Their love of and excitement for the game is evident watching them play.

Add to that, these boys don’t have their parents here to cheer them on. They rely on their “adoptive” parents who do come out and watch and yell just like their own parents; but, the added cheer of a baseball-loving crowd does wonders for their motivation to win the game.

Game times are always 7 p.m. Load up the family this week and head over to Sager-you won’t regret it and it would mean so much to these young men! Make sure to stop in at the concession stand where your faithful editor spends much volunteer time!