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It can happen to you

By Staff | Oct 17, 2014

As this editorial is written, there are plans for an informational meeting on the use of synthetic drugs to be held tonight (Wednesday) at Washington High School. The school system has indicated additional meetings will be held at various locations to help educate parents and students alike on the dangers of synthetic drugs.

Kudos to our school system for coordinating these educational forums. There are many in the community who turn a blind eye to the drug problems found here. Like it or not it’s here and it’s prevalent.

We need to learn, educate, monitor and talk with our children, friends, neighbors and even strangers about this threat.

The discussion for tonight and those to be held later will help listeners know more about synthetic drugs, including what they are, where they can be purchased, medical issues associated with them and legal consequences.

These things can be dangerous. They can kill our children. It’s time we take back our communities, our schools, our neighborhoods from those who wish to infiltrate with these kinds of substances. Education is the first step.

I would assume those students at Washington High School who faced health issues over the use of synthetic drugs last month were scared. Let’s hope they were scared enough to turn away from that type of behavior, to seek help in doing so if they are not strong enough themselves or their friends are strong enough to seek help on their behalf.

Whether it be parents, friends or strangers, those who don’t speak up when there is a problem only help the problem grow stronger. You are not a “tattle-tail” or “narc” if you seek help from an authority figure. You are a friend who is looking out for the best interests of someone you care about. Good for you!

If you were unable to make the Wednesday night meeting at Washington High, check for the next scheduled meeting. Whether a parent or not, as a member of the community, the education needs to come from all of us. We all need to look out for each other because the old adage that “it can’t happen here” is complete baloney. Let’s make sure it doesn’t happen here because we know that it can!