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Fact checking is good before speaking

By Staff | Nov 28, 2014

The title to this week’s editorial can be applied each and every day about so many things. Today I apply it to a statement that was put out in a letter to the editor in another publication. Normally I would not address such information; however, when the information is blatantly incorrect, it catches my attention.

I refer to a letter written by candidate Daniel Lutz who ran in the recent election for the House of Delegates. Mr. Lutz was defeated, losing the seat to incumbent Paul Espinosa.

In his letter, Lutz calls for an explanation of the whereabouts of elected officials on Veteran’s Day at local events. He specifically names each elected official, taking them to task for their alleged lack of support for veterans.

Mr. Lutz states that ” Not one sitting elected or appointed official was present, nor were any of the newly elected officials.” This statement somehow implies that these officials have no regard for our veterans.

That simply is not the case. While I am not aware of why every elected official from state leaders to local commissioners were not present in Charles Town at the Jefferson Memorial Park, I do know that they were present at a variety of veteran events. On Friday prior to the holiday, Del. Espinosa, Del. Stephen Skinner, Delegate-elect Jill Upson and Sen. John Unger were all present at Sam Michael’s Park for a dedication of a picnic pavilion specifically honoring veterans.

Again, not knowing each official’s specific schedule for Veteran’s Day and what may have occurred to keep them from the specific event in Charles Town, I can only say that my personal observations and conversations with many of these individuals Lutz labels “right wingers who could not show up at an event,” certainly show their support of our veterans. Perhaps they were at other events and not at Charles Town.

Regardless, such a label is unfair and ill-conceived, I believe. Again, many have attended events and it should be clear that one cannot be everywhere. And by the way, I must say, as an attender at the Charles Town event, I had a pleasant exchange with Del. Espinosa as he spent time speaking with James Ruland who served as speaker.