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It is better to give than to receive

By Staff | Dec 12, 2014

We have all been given this one line advice over the years and there is no time that it is more true than at Christmas! It warms the heart to see so many who are stepping up and giving unselfishly to those in need this holiday season.

Despite forecasts of a better economy and more jobs, the list grows ever longer of those who will have no Christmas without the assistance of others. Needy families and children increase weekly, it seems.

Thankfully there are so many who are willing to go the extra mile to bring a smile to the face of others. I witnessed that giving this week when watching more than two dozen police officers push shopping carts through Target helping children select just the right toy or try on the perfect pair of shoes. These officers, who along with all of their comrades have been receiving a bad rap these past weeks, show that community and helping others is not only their job but their desire.

The Kiwanis Toy Shop in Charles Town is coming up to allow families to “shop” for their children. Nearly a thousand children will be helped by this service project. The “elves” have been spotted at various stores stocking up on the gifts for this year.

The Shepherdstown Day Care is hosting their annual “shopping spree” where the children will receive wonderful surprises!

One can select a name from a tree in several stores (Walgreens, K-Mart and Bob Evans) to be a Santa to a Senior. Our family has been touched by this program and we spent a great amount of time trying to select several of the seniors, wishing that we were able to help them all. Next to the ‘Senior’ tree at the Martinsburg K-Mart was a children’s tree as well. There is never a lack of need.

The food pantries have emptying shelves that need to be re-stocked. Local churches are receiving calls for assistance with heating bills, food, utilities, etc. Homeless in our community seek shelter from the cold.

There are so many places to give; so many ways. Make it a must this Christmas to find a place where you can make a difference! Drop a toy in the Toys for Tots box; a case of canned goods at the local food pantry; or pull a name off one of those trees rather than walking past it. The difference to the recipient is great and to yourself, even greater.