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Nothing is more important than family

By Staff | Jan 2, 2015

As I write the final editorial in 2014 (although it will print as the first in 2015), I debate whether to do the traditional piece on resolutions and what to plan for or eliminate in the future. But something I saw this week leads me to focus on one part of that list of what to plan for in 2015.

I write this, and have printed a photo in the paper this week, inspired by a sign of a loving family. I sincerely hope my friend Holly Frye forgives me for promoting her brothers’ publication of her birthday, but when seen, I couldn’t help but think how much they love her. A prank, yes-and one I know she will return-but it is done from love and commitment to each other.

That, Holly (and all of the Morgan family who helped with the beautiful signage), is what leads to this week’s editorial on the importance of family and making sure we spend quality time together. It is a lesson we can learn from the Morgan clan; they are a true example of a close knit loving family. I am happy to have witnessed it not only with the birthday prank but in many other instances as well.

There are many who are not so fortunate or who take the time to make the memories made by being together.

In the past year, I lost a nephew to a painful disease. Just three years younger than I, he and I grew up together. I was fortunate to spend many of his last hours with him and with my sister; however, the loss left me realizing that we find ourselves entirely too busy most days to recognize the importance of just being together.

So cal it “resolution” or “revelation,” 2015 needs to be a year devoted to family and friends. One never knows the hour of departure from this earth and to put off seeing people and spending time may leave us filled with sadness and regret.

I challenge all of you to take that time to sit down, talk, enjoy a meal or just be together. Joke and laugh together-give up old grudges and forgive past hurts. It is simply not worth the time lost to believe there is time future. Step away from work, from the telephone, the internet and spend time talking, laughing, playing games. Enjoy one another on a personal level in 2015; I know you will be glad that you did!