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Resolve to seek to serve

By Staff | Jan 9, 2015

With those pesky New Year’s resolutions upon us, let’s take the time to commit to serving others. The need for volunteers in the county continues to grow and with the population we have, it amazes me that we are not overflowing with individuals who can give of their time.

Being a volunteer is easy to do. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time and there are opportunities in just about any field.

I read (and was quoted in) the recent Journal story about the need for volunteers on boards within the county. I truly believe we should never be short members on any board nor should any organization be begging for help.

What better thing can we offer others than a little of ourselves. We don’t have to give material goods or money. In fact, giving time means so much more.

There are seniors who need assistance shopping, folks who need rides to doctor appointments, organizations who need help in keeping their efforts going. Children need stories read, 4-Hers need leaders, Boy and Girl Scouts need leaders and mentors. The list is endless! Surely there is some area where each and everyone of us could volunteer an hour or so here and there. To say one has no time to volunteer is a cop out. We waste so much time on useless tasks when we could serve someone in need. Why would we not do so?

Call your local library, your elementary school-find out a way to help out. Tutors are always needed for students who are struggling. High school booster groups need assistance supporting their teams and or bands. They need help raising funds, serving as chaperones and many other different ways.

Search out a local church if you are not already a member of one. If you are a member and don’t volunteer there, it’s an easy avenue to serve. Sunday School teachers, nursery workers, special events-again an endless list.

Resolve this year to put someone else above yourself and serve your community. Help out the local fire and rescue company. They are all volunteer here! If you are not predisposed to run calls, they all need help at things like fundraisers, dinners or bingo! No one would close their door to your desire to help out! Take the plunge and become a serving volunteer today! It is more rewarding than you can imagine and provides more benefit than you will ever know to those who receive the care and service you give.