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Oh that blasted weather

By Staff | Jan 30, 2015

This time of year has many guessing exactly what the weather is going to do and what havoc it will cause. We saw it just this week when the prognosticators were calling for a “storm of historic proportions.” Well, that wasn’t quite right.

But, for those who have to make decisions based on best guess scenarios, leaning toward caution seems to be the best way to go. Of course, when that is the case, such as Monday with schools closing and other facilities canceling activities, sometimes the weather doesn’t bring what was anticipated. Then the criticizing public comes out in full force.

“There should have been school.” “Why are classes canceled at the community center?” “Why are government offices opening later?” Everyone has an opinion after the fact. They don’t seem to take into account that those making the decisions have only so much information to go on prior to determining whether to close or cancel. They make the decision based on their best guess for the safety of all concerned.

That is where everyone needs to stay focused. Safety is the key, whether it be for students, bus drivers, employees or our emergency services providers. When bad weather is anticipated, it is much better to err on the side of caution. I know it sometimes throws a kink in the daycare plans, the appointment schedules or the like, but when attempting to avoid the worst case, those in the role of decision maker usually go the correct route.

While sometimes Mother Nature doesn’t give what is expected, isn’t it better to have to adjust a schedule than adjust for accidents or worse? Because, one needs to remember that just because the roadway in front of the house is clear, it doesn’t mean that all the back roads in Jefferson County are clear. There are many that don’t see a plow or sunlight at any regular interval. The safety of those individuals who would have to travel those roads must be taken into account.

So, if the schools close, the library doesn’t open or “open gym” time just doesn’t happen at the community center-realize it does not affect the fate of the nation. It is a decision made with the many in mind, rather than the few.