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Words and actions defining our society

By Staff | Mar 27, 2015

Webster’s New World Dictionary defines manners as “polite ways of social behavior.” And don’t we, as a society, need to study that definition and live it out? Throw in there words like compassion, understanding, concern, civility, courtesy….the list goes on.

We as a community, as a country, as a world, need to take a little spelling and definition test and memorize and live by these words.

We have traveled away from manners, civility, neighborly behavior, into a world of nasty, biting comments; hurry and worry with little to no care for those who may be “in our way.” We have developed so much into a “me” generation (and that’s not just the teenagers!) that we take no time to look at “they” who are around us.

This topic came to me this week after our family was involved in a vehicle accident this past weekend. Thankfully no one was injured; however, the vehicle was unable to be moved out of the roadway. Imagine, a vehicle stuck as lines of cars on a Saturday afternoon are attempting to make their way in and out of Wal Mart. Enough said?

While there were some who stopped to make sure everyone involved was okay and a couple of guys even worked to direct traffic until police officers responded, there were many who simply yelled nasty comments out their windows telling us to move those cars out of the road. Clearly, we would have moved the vehicle if we were able. Regardless, the lack of concern from those who screamed obscenities and ‘suggestions’ of what we should do to get out of their way caused me great sadness for the state of our lives.

We all need to take a look at ourselves and listen to the words that come out of our mouths toward others. We need to take that “self-importance” level down a notch or two or three or four and focus on treating others with respect, concern, just good manners. If we don’t reign in on how we treat others, our community will continue to deteriorate to a level from which we may not rise. How shameful is that on our part? I say “our” as I find myself as guilty of hurtful words and actions without thought as the next person. But the incident we went through was an eye opener and hopefully one that will stick with me. Perhaps each of you can envision it as well and have the awareness of your words and actions be a top priority.