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We won’t see the likes of him again

By Staff | Apr 3, 2015

The Chronicle joins the rest of the Shepherdstown community in mourning the loss of Connie Hammann. Connie was truly one of a kind-a blessing to all who knew him.

When the obituary came across my computer screen, I must admit tears came to my eyes as I thought that I will not have the pleasure of one of his hugs and the joy of hearing him say how much he liked reading my stories. Every time I saw him, Connie was quick to say a positive and kind word and share with others that he approved of my writing, both now at the Chronicle and many years’ back at The Spirit of Jefferson. His approval meant a great deal.

To read the eloquent words of his obituary (see page 2), one can only imagine what a gift Connie was to the community. His volunteer service in helping others goes unmatched and I know he did it all with good humor and a loving attitude. His true desire to help others always came across, in his words and his actions. Simply viewing his volunteer service shows that he felt led to assist those less fortunate than himself.

Whether it was through Good Shepherd, Rotary, the Chamber or as an individual, Connie could be found actively working toward a goal that in one way or another helped his fellow man.

I followed with interest his athletic endeavors, especially the Senior Olympics where he teamed up with friend, Roger Ramey. The two together could tell quite a few stories of their adventures.

We should all take a lesson from Connie about living life to the fullest and taking time to do unto others. His unending service whether it was in the workplace, his volunteer organizations of the community at large is a testament to the kind of man he was and the kind of human being we should all aspire to be. Let us make a conscious effort to carry on in the spirit personified by Connie Hammann. There could be no greater tribute to the man.