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Giving the ‘Gift of Life’ is important

By Staff | May 8, 2015

The ‘Gift of Life’ is a gift that many can give, but don’t. The short time it takes to stop in at a blood drive and share what can benefit another is something we should all consider.

As I gave at the regularly scheduled drive this week, I was saddened to hear that several of those who had scheduled to give had then canceled. I know things come up in the schedule and there are always other things to do, but this short amount of time we can give to share what could be a life-saving donation of blood to another should take priority.

The nurses at the drive commented on the constant need for blood donations. Just as in so many things, there is an overabundance of need and an under-abundance of available units.

One never knows when the need will be a personal one. I watch the news, read the papers, see social media where accidents are reported all the time. There are others who simply need transfusions due to disease or other health reasons.

If I can help someone survive to be there with their family for more days or years, why wouldn’t I do that? Why wouldn’t you do that?

It is not a goal to receive recognition for the gift; in fact, I have no idea if the blood I have donated over the years helped save anyone’s life or not. That was never the point. The idea is that it could help someone.

I often wonder as I am at a drive, who might benefit. It is a blessing that I am able to donate and share. It would be a blessing if more people did the same. The requirements to give are few and the need is great. Consider making it a priority in your life to search out a blood drive and give so someone else may benefit. The next scheduled drive here in Shepherdstown is set for June 2 at the Wellness Center at Shepherd. Prior to that is a May 11 drive at James Rumsey or May 13 drive at the Shepherd University Martinsburg Center. Plan to go to one of these and share something that you have been freely given.