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Continuing the Cougar tradition

By Staff | Jun 15, 2015

Congratulations are in order for the Jefferson High Cougar baseball team as they took their 11th state championship win in Charleston over the weekend. What a thrill for those young men to experience the victory at Appalachian Power Park.

The team, under exceptional coaching, has worked hard all season and their record shows the effort they put in to their ball playing. While it looks like a “fun game” to those of us watching, there are hours of work and sweat put in to becoming a state champion. The coaching and encouragement are a huge factor, as well as the motivation inspired for these young athletes.

Add to that the desire to play their best and the desire to win among the players and there was no stopping them!

Having been a “baseball mom” for four years at Jefferson and having sat in the bleachers at Appalachian and watched our boys win a state championship (#10), I know the excitement and pride that flows through each of those parents who made that trek to the state capital. And those boys know, too, how much their parents and friends are excited for them. We applaud all those parents of the 2014-15 Cougar season who encouraged your players both on the field and off. We commend you for supporting their desire to play ball and be the best they can be. We know that that support extends off the field as well and it shows a job well done.

We congratulate, along with the entire community, the Cougar baseball team and coaching staff on an exceptional season. You are the pride of the Panhandle!