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Keep fighting the good fight

By Staff | Jun 19, 2015

Congratulations are in order to the police departments in the area for the significant heroin bust this week. The officers in all departments involved worked long and hard to bring about these arrests in an effort to help rid this area of such harmful drug traffic and drug use.

In a day when police officers are bashed and berated at every turn for doing their jobs, it is essential that we commend and recognize the work they put in on behalf of their communities and beyond. Theirs is most often a thankless job, when it should be one we all praise every day. We depend on these men and women to keep us safe from harm and crime. We expect them to serve our communities with dedication and honor. These officers have done and continue to do that every day.

We cannot close a blind eye to the fact that the Eastern Panhandle, the place so many of us tout as a beautiful gateway to West Virginia, filled with quaint shops, historic sites and natural beauty, is also a haven to illegal drug use. Our citizens fight battles every day of dependency on these drugs which so easily find their way into our “gateway” via interstate highways. We have a major problem here and thank goodness our police officers are taking steps to help address it.

The significant work done over the past months to lead to this week’s arrests is a shining example of the dedication and hard work of our officers. We extend our thanks and our encouragement to each of you as you go about what is your daily routine. Despite the national rage against police officers, we see the good work you do and are thankful for each and everyone of you. We pray for your safety in a difficult and potentially dangerous job and we appreciate that we may call on you and know you are there to respond.