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Jefferson handling education cuts responsibly

By Staff | Oct 16, 2015

Even prior to the announcement of cuts in education across the board by Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin, Jefferson County began addressing more conservative spending and implementing cost-saving measures. We extend our support to Dr. Bondy Shay Gibson and the BOE as a whole for streamlining and consolidating some unnecessary positions.

Several positions within the Central Office of the Board of Education will be left unfilled including the board’s on-staff lawyer. The individual serving in the position vacated the seat earlier this year and that spot will not be filled. In addition, the Director of Transportation position will also not be filled with work in that department being absorbed by current staffers.

Other positions have been combined which increases the work of some staffers; however, the combinations are ones that make financial sense.

In times of monetary challenge, which we all are facing, we needed someone to step into the superintendent’s role and make some difficult decisions. Dr. Gibson has done that. We hope she continues to do so as there are still other areas where combinations of jobs or total elimination of jobs make not only financial sense but common sense as well.

While it is never easy to lose a job, and also not easy on those left behind to pick up any additional work, the necessity of such action must be realized to put our school system in a better place.

While there are many who cry out at the injustice of cutting any education spending, in challenging financial times cuts often need to be made across the board. That is what the Governor saw as necessary for the state and whether all agree or not, the cuts have come. For Jefferson County, that total cut equals a whopping $500,000 from the current budget. Again, kudos to Gibson for taking proactive steps. We look forward to more great things from her and the current board.