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Clinton lacked honesty and integrity

By Staff | Oct 30, 2015

The Congressional hearings this past week involving the Benghazi incident were a travesty. The outcry that these investigations were an attempt to somehow discredit Hillary Clinton’s campaign are ludicrous. Ms. Clinton was the Secretary of State at the time of the attacks that resulted in the loss of American lives. How she or the Democratic party feel that no one should be held accountable for those tragic losses is beyond comprehension.

How anyone on either side of the political aisle can say that Ms. Clinton does not bear responsibility for her actions in ignoring the cries for help from Ambassador Stevens and others at the embassy prior to the deaths, like Clinton, show no legitimate remorse for their lost lives. The “oh well” attitude displayed by Clinton when she answered questions put to her by the investigative committee showed her lack of ability to take responsibility and be a leader. Regardless of whether she specifically got one of the over 600 requests for assistance, her office got those requests and the responsibility ultimately lies with her.

Her continued blaming of the attack on a “video” when her finally-released emails show that she knew the attack was a terrorist attack show that honesty to the American public falls pretty low on her priority list. She lied to all of us-but somehow worse that a general lie on a camera to millions of unseen viewers was her straight to the face lies to the families of the victims who were killed. It is sad to think that someone who is seeking to lead our nation shows no compassion when dealing with a minimal loss of life. What happens should she get into office and be faced with some horrific crisis? How can the American people trust anything she says when she spoke so falsely in this instance?

Yet there are so many who say, as she did, “What difference does it make?” Sadly, to many it makes no difference. Many see those investigations simply as an attack on their candidate. They do not see the need for honesty and integrity in the highest office in the land or from the highest office holders.

Shamefully this is the point to where our country has come. Whether it be Democrat or Republican, there is apparently no need for integrity, honesty or serving the people. The candidates (and I say that about the majority we have seen step forward for 2016 and most definitely Ms. Clinton) are such a part of the “me” mentality that is pervading our country that they see no need to focus on those they purport to lead. They are not there for us-the public-they are there for their own personal gain self-recognition. What a telling sign of our current times. We indeed are in trouble.