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Did anyone really believe it wasn’t going to snow?

By Staff | Feb 1, 2016

The weather forecasters blasted us all with constant updates on the huge amounts of snow that were to be dumped on our area by Storm Jonas. With today’s instantaneous access to media and those forecasters, no one should have been caught unprepared for the storm. And anyone with a modicum of common sense knows it takes more than a day to dig out from more than three feet of snow.

With that said, I have to express that I am dumbfounded at all of those complaining nonstop via social media about the lack of snow plows coming to their rescue so they can “get out.”

Get out for what? You should have stocked up with plenty of groceries, toilet paper and the like before the snow hit. You should have been prepared with medicines, etc. so that “getting out” isn’t a necessity in the immediate aftermath.

What people don’t seem to realize is that those folks driving snow plows throughout the duration of the storm-including Saturday during the storm where they simply were not able to keep up with the rapid snowfall-would like to “get in” to their homes. Instead, they are out around the clock trying to clear the main roads and as many secondary roads as is humanly possible in case emergency vehicles needed to get through.

Oh-what did I say? Emergency vehicles!! It should not be those who simply have cabin fever and want to ride around to see what it looks like outside. It was crazy, dangerous roadways and just “getting out” caused havoc of stuck vehicles, blocked roads and time away from actually trying to clear the streets.

Sit at home, enjoy time with your family, read a book, watch TV-get on Facebook, but refrain from bashing those who gave of their time-again, many around the clock-so that you could get out when it was safe. Those folks deserve our thanks rather than being bashed about not getting to that small neighborhood or back street within the first or even second day after the storm.

If you want to constantly bad mouth those folks, I’m sure they would gladly trade their position with you and sit inside your warm home in front of the computer than be outside in a raging storm.