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We need to be a more questioning society

By Staff | Feb 5, 2016

Perhaps it is the job I hold; perhaps it was due to my parents instilling me with an inquisitive nature-who know? But for whatever the reason, I question things. And this week, I am really questioning why others don’t question things!

We as a society seem to have settled in to some “float along” world where we don’t really think about the why’s and what if’s of things. Never should we just accept without question things that may give us pause (or even things that don’t). Moving along in a fog just saying ‘okay’ to anything because it’s easier than trying to determine if there should be more clarification or reasons to do or not do something has become the norm.

Often wordsmiths make something sound right by using a few words that make one think something is non-questionable; but nine times out of ten, those words are used to coerce others into acceptance without question.

Our governments are prime examples of these types of activities. Using a few strategically placed “buzz words” make us think we need to be “politically correct” and not question. Things that our governments (from federal all the way down to local) do things without giving real explanations and we simply sit back and say oh well.

We as a people group (as a whole or in individual breakdowns) need to step up and question why something is the way it is. We need to make our opinions heard when we disagree and when we agree. Otherwise we live in a complacent state and have no one but ourselves to blame when we can’t figure out “How in the world did ‘that’ happen?”