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We need to end the madness

By Staff | Mar 4, 2016

We watched the funeral of a young police officer this week — one whose first day on the job turned into tragedy as she gave her life in the line of duty.

The number of officers killed so far this year is unimaginable. Add to that those who have been injured including the two officers in Virginia.

Then in neighboring Winchester, a criminal takes his own life and the protests begin alleging a police shooting. People take to the streets against those who are here to serve and protect them.

What is wrong with this picture? We need to take a stand as a communtiy, as a nation, and support our police officers as they do their duty. We need to defend their actions and praise them for their sacrifice rather than attempt at every turn to crucify them.

Social media outlets had comments made that the young Virginia officer was a “rookie” and shouldn’t have been in a situation to be shot. Are you kidding me? Those officers reported to a domestic dispute. There was no indication that it was an armed man who had already killed his wife and would open fire on police.

Regardless, she was trained and at work–doing what so many officers do every day–her job.

I don’t have an answer on how to address the attacks on police. The first thing–and one that may go a long way–would be to have our president step forward and commend this profession rather than bash it as he has done. The same could be done by community leaders: mayors, governors, legislators, etc.

Whatever the answer, we need to find it soon so that more lives of those who wear the uniform are not senselessly lost.