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We need to stop pushing drugs

By Staff | Mar 11, 2016

Reading all of the headlines and seeing all of news broadcasts regarding the drug epidemics here and around our nation, I can’t help but believe that much of the blame for dependence on these drugs is fed by the greed of pharmaceutical companies.

These “big drug companies” who are only seeking a profit with their products remind me of the snake oil salesmen of old who peddled their “tonic” to “cure all that ails you.”

Watching an hour-long program on television, I?witnessed no less than six commercials telling me that I?needed this drug or that drug. I was instructed to contact my doctor if I?had any of these symptoms and to ask for a prescription. No medical exam needed–just tell my doctor I need it. And sadly, many do just that and their doctors say “okay.”

Well, it’s not “okay.” We need to quit lining the pockets of these drug companies by popping more and more pills everyday. We need to take charge of our own health by being proactive in eating right, exercising and avoiding the “make me feel good” medicines.

I’m not advocating that all medications are bad; however, I?firmly believe that the answer to healthier individuals does not need to lie in a medicine bottle.

If I am suffering from ailments such as high blood pressure or cholesterol, those problems can often be helped with diet and exercise change. It is not always necessary to take another pill.

And I certainly don’t need a commercial telling me I?should take this drug or that drug.

Many in our medical profession are buying into these needs for more and more pills because of the push by the drug companies. Rather than treat a person, they prescribe a pill in the few moments they can spare as they charge for an office visit.

These cure-all or “maintenance” drugs are being given out like candy not only to adults but to our children and we sit back and just take it in.

Stand up and say “No more!”

Yes, there may be things like ADD and the like, but drugs should be a last resort.

Pain may be present but is it really necessary to take pills for it all the time? Those pain meds lead to dependency which leads to abuse of not only prescription drugs but can lead to street drugs as well.

The fight against drug abuse needs to start with shutting down these “legal” drug pushers. We need to call for a ban on the advertising of all of these drugs just as we did on cigarettes and liquor.