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Priorities for children are way off

By Staff | May 23, 2016

With every turn of the TV or radio dial, all that comes from the news media is the story on bathroom usage. While I have a strong opinion on that very subject, that is not the topic of today’s editorial.

Instead, I look to President Obama and his “directive” to all public school systems in the country that they must make school bathrooms and locker rooms “gender neutral.” This means, basically, that boys can be in the same bathroom, shower or locker room as girls, so long as they believe their “gender” does not match their bioligical and scientific makeup. The same is true for girls who “identify” as boys.

While I?can barely write those words without wanting to expound upon them; I must focus more on the question of “Who exactly does this help?” And, “Is this action even legal for our president to take?”

I do not believe it to be legal as Mr. Obama is acting without the backing of the judicial and legislative branches–which were created as a check and balance for each other. Even Mr. Obama’s press secretary has hinted that the action does not hold much legal weight.

What it does, though, is threaten our public school systems by claming that if they do not comply with this “directive” they will fail to get federal funding.

If federal funding is withheld–how does that help any of the children in the public school system? It certainly does not improve their education, provide qualified teachers, give books and resource materials. It does not encourage our students to do their best and head to further areas of education. It does not benefit any individual as far their education.

What it most definitely will do is create an atmosphere of discomfort and perhaps fear for students. What it will do is take resources from a system that is often already far behind.

All this for the sake of a few individuals who may want to use a different bathroom.

Wake up America–our priorities are way off!