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Remember. . .It’s Television

By Staff | Jun 10, 2016

The hype is all around as Shepherdstown prepares for the upcoming “Ghost of Shepherdstown” that will air this Sunday evening. All I have to say is “Remember. . .it’s television!”

The producers of this “docu-drama” as they tout it, are portraying that all of these shows are based on 911 emergency calls. Unfortunately, for those who buy into all of that media promotion, the truth is that they are not based on 911 calls.

While Chief King has indicated that calls come in to the town police department and sometimes even to officers’ cell phones about strange things in town–the Emergency Dispatch Center (where all 911 calls go) indicates that there have been none for paranormal behavior. That’s zero…..

So just take with a grain of salt all of the sensationalism involved with the show that now has labeled Shepherdstown as the “most haunted town in the country.” There are some in the paranormal field who say that there are other places more haunted than here. Whether you believe in ghosts or not–or if you believe Shepherdstown has them–the town is not being overrun with paranormal activity and ghostly beings. There are not more paranormal 911 calls than criminal calls. It’s exaggeration–sensationalism–anything to get ratings.

Please do not lose sight of the fact that our police force here in Shepherdstown does have actual criminal cases. There are problems here like traffic accidents, break-ins, attacks and drug use. These should be the focus of our police force and this promotion of a television show should never lead our residents to believe that the police focus is on anything but their job.

So watch, enjoy–believe if you will that there are ghosts–but again, take it in stride that the goal of the producers of this show is to make money. The things they say are not necessarily the whole truth (if any truth). People are paid to say the lines they are given–even locals who appear in the show have been compensated. They must, therefore, say what they are paid to say.

When you turn off the show Sunday evening, just remember, it’s television and that means entertainment. It does not mean that everyone should be fearful of ghosts or that the focus should be taken off real police issues.