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West Virginians helping each other

By Staff | Jul 1, 2016

The devastating floods that have wreaked havoc on much of the Mountain State have caused Mountaineers to band together for a common goal. Despite the many differences in individuals from around the 55 counties, when there is a need, everyone pulls together. And so it should be.

While we here in the Eastern Panhandle have not been affected by this natural disaster, many have seen flood waters rise in Harpers Ferry, Millville, Shepherdstown and places in in the past. The results are difficult to imagine for many and a bad dream come back to those who have lived through such loss in previous years.

We commend all of those in the Panhandle who have joined together to offer assistance to our fellow citizens of the state. The donations have poured in at every drop off location that has been announced. Whether it was water, cleaning supplies, diapers, pet food–people brought it and they brought it in droves.

Trucks have headed south to bring these needed items to shelters and homes–any place where there is a need.

We have all seen the photos on Facebook or the evening news of homes washed away, of businesses destroyed. A personal sad sight for me was the Rainelle Public Library’s photo with piles of books now ruined.

We, at the Bolivar-Harpers Ferry Public Library where I serve on the Board of Trustees, are contacting the Library Commission to see which other libraries in our state have faced such ruin. And we are beginning a book drive to help restock the shelves of those resources lost. More details will follow as we find out information and secure a storage facility to house the books. Watch the Chronicle for details.

In the meantime, the needs will continue as things dry out and folk begin to rebuild.

A monetary donation is always helpful and making such a donation through the Red Cross will help assure that the funds go where they are needed.

Along with these tangible goods and dollars, remember to uplift your neighbors of West Virginia in prayer as many face loss of homes, of pets, of material goods and of loved ones. Many face the task of trying to rebuild–some who don’t have the resources for such a rebuild. Many are elderly and starting over will be difficult at best. Many are just starting out and a setback such as this is beyond daunting.

So pray for West Virginia; reach out in any way that is feasible to help those around the state and to encourage them continue to be strong in the face of this tremendous adversity.