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Respect and protect The Blue

By Staff | Jul 15, 2016

Never shoud the actions that took place in Dallas against a line of police officers doing their duty be justified, praised or accepted.

Regardless of whether a people group believes they it being discriminated against, targeted, etc., it gives no right for any member or supporter of that group to attack the innocent. That action is no better than what the alleged victims are complaining about.

And to plow down police officers who doing their duty and protecting the very protesters who are supporting a cause — I?still am beyond words every time I?think of the lives lost.

We need to respect and defend the lives of those who stand at our call to offer their protection and their lives.

While a few ‘bad apples’ are present in any occupation, just as there are in any group of individuals, there is no justification for labeling or retaliating against the whole.

I will say that some of my dearest friends are police officers. My brother is a retired officer. And to have people defend the actions that were taken against those Dallas police officers (and many others) simply because they put on the uniform makes me angry. It makes me worry–because while we are not Dallas, there is always the possibility that some zealot will see an opportunity and take action against our local law enforcement.

We need to realize, as an entire people group, that the actions of some ‘bad apples’ (and there are those actions that need to be dealt with), do not warrant labeling all of our police officers as the enemy out to attack a certain group. I?do not believe that most intelligent people blame all police for the actions of a few.

But how many of our officers need to be gunned down simply doing their jobs before we make the effort to curb those actions? Frankly, we have already lost too many.

Authorities need to speed investigations on the actions of the police that are questionable; however, people need to allow investigations to play out before assuming they know all the facts from a telephone video recording. And regardless of whether they know the facts or not, let the judicial system function and don’t fall prey to vigilante justice. It simply perpetuates the violence.