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True dedication to their students

By Staff | Jul 29, 2016

I write this week to commend two Jefferson High teachers, as well as many parent volunteers and others who have devoted their time to ‘Band Camp.’

As I write this piece, there are over 160 kids from Jefferson?High marching on the grounds of Camp Frame outside of Hedgesville under the leadership of JP Lynch and Larissa Elliott. These two band instructors give their time, their guidance, their knowledge and their love to the members of one of the best bands in the state.

And they become the best due to the continuous training from these two teachers.

I don’t want to miss recognizing the leaders of the Color Guard as well as they are at Camp Frame working on this season’s show–which promises to be another fantastic production! Kathy Windle, Samantha Combs and so many others help those members of the Guard with choreography, costumes, hours of practice…their devotion is unending.

What these students glean from a week at band camp is so much more than the steps, the music and the instruction. It is the ability to connect with their bandmates–many who will become lifelong friends because of this crazy band experience.

They learn dedication, commitment and perfection in a task of which they have chosen to be a part.

Anyone who believes it is easy to learn these routines, to march and play at the same time, to be disciplined in the task–you are wrong! Add to the difficulty temperatures soaring near 100 degrees each day and a heat index high above that and the recognition these teachers and kids deserve just goes higher.

There are so many instances in today’s world where we seek out the negative or the negative is simply thrown at us–I am happy to share with you nothing but positive.

If you have the opportunity to say thank you to Mr. Lynch or Ms. Elliott, Ms. Windle, Ms. Combs or any of the scores of parent volunteers who have stayed overnight, made food, helped lead sections–make sure you do so. They do this for our kids–for our school–for our community.