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Ghosts are good for business

By Staff | Sep 2, 2016

It is clear from reports to the Town Council that the Ghosts of Shepherdstown have been good for business all around town.

Reports indicate that interest has been raised by television viewers and they have been traveling to our little town to find out all about the tales they have witnessed on film.

Folks at the Visitors Center shared that those stopping in are asking about the ghosts, but they are also voicing their pleasure with the town in general.

Many have taken part in Dana Mitchell’s Mystery Walks in hopes of hearing more of the spooky stories that make us famous; but Mitchell also says folks love the town and not just the ghosts.

The show has apparently met with favor among watchers — so much so that another show is in the making as a follow up to the six episodes that ran during the “season.” There is even talk of a potential continuation with six more episodes, although so far that has not been completely confirmed.

Kudos to the town for taking advantage of this opportunity to bring tourism into the town. Although the show is “hokey” at best, it does apparently have an appeal with those who find the “supernatural” beings in Shepherdstown enticing.

And thankfully, once folks arrive to find their favorite ghosts, they are also finding a unique, friendly and inviting town that has so much more to offer.

Let’s continue to expand on all of the things that make Shepherdstown great while minimizing the problem areas like lack of parking and sidewalks that need to be redone.

Shop owners, restaurants and hotels offer great items, gifts, fare and deals. The fall is filled with events and activities that can be a huge draw along with the ghosts.

These shop owners, restaurants and hotels are hopefully getting in on the benefits of The Ghosts of Shepherdstown as well as all the other tourist draws and seeing their numbers and profits go up.

Let’s encourage the filmmakers to come on back to town and make some more episodes to keep the trail of visitors coming into town.

There are, I’m sure, any number of potential ghost stories that have yet to be told. They can be embellished by writers to make the next season even more thrilling than the first. And they can be told at Oktoberfest and Freedom’s Run!