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What’s on your bucket list?

By Staff | Sep 9, 2016

People have always had hopes and dreams and plans to accomplish certain things. At some point in time that compilation of items has been designated as one’s “bucket list.” The question today is, how big is your bucket?

Is travel a top priority on your list? On my own list, I place a visit to Ireland and Scotland at the top. I would also love to see Hawaii and Alaska–and any of the 50 states to which I have not yet traveled. Italy and France might be nice and Germany holds a bit of appeal but I?don’t have much desire to see Australia or anywhere in Africa.

What about finishing a degree or some other form of higher education? That often falls on lists of folks I know. I can say I don’t have that on my list as the four years I spent in college were plenty. Anytime I even remotely consider a Masters Degree, I watch my kids study and that ends that.

Are you a daredevil seeking thrills? Does skydiving or bungi jumping fill your bucket? I can say I hate roller coasters, things that run high and fast and things that can cause potential danger very quickly.

I would love to fly away in a hot air balloon someday–that remains on the list from as long as I can remember. I have been tethered to the ground at 400 feet but somehow I don’t think it’s the same as my imagined sensation of floating along with a nice breeze and puffy white clouds.

There are of course those practical items on the bucket list like paying off the mortgage or losing 50 pounds or having enough money on which to retire or send your kids to college. Personally,?I see those as pipe dreams and not as much fun as other bucket items.

I find myself placing things like attending a Neil Diamond concert or meeting Mark Harmon on my list. (Both of which are very unlikely.)

What about you? Visit our Facebook page or Twitter and share your top five bucket list items. It’s always fun to see what dreams fill the minds of others. Should we get enough responses, we will do a follow up compilation of the top 20 or so things on our reader’s lists!