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There’s no place like home

By Staff | Nov 4, 2016

I discovered–if I didn’t already know it–this past weekend, that there is no place like home. And there are no folks better than those who live right here.

This discovery came as I traveled up north to the “not so great state” of Massachusetts. The people there were not friendly, they were, in fact, quite rude. They were extremely rushed in everything they did (at least in Salem and Boston where we visited). And, apparently, as a “close to the south” resident, I move much too slowly.

That strikes me funny as I feel like I am always rushing around here to get so many things done. It’s good to know I really am moving in slow motion!

And although I get frustrated sometimes when people driving here go way below the speed limit–the drivers in Massachusetts scared me to death! There is apparently no such thing as a stop sign in that general vicinity, nor is there “oncoming traffic” when someone wants to turn from a side street. They simply pull on out–too bad if you might be in the way.

I have a friend here, originally from Boston, who, on social media, told me to take a close look at cars and notice all the dented fenders, rear ends, etc. She was right!! They were everywhere.

While I enjoyed my visit to the JFK Library immensely, and somewhat our visit to Salem (although never again during Halloween), I was never so thankful to cross the line into West Virginia on Sunday night.

I am back to the land of turn signals, waves, hugs from friends on the street and that good old “slow motion” that is my life. (Please, someone remind me of that phrase when I am doing 20 things at once!)