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Change comes one person at a time

By Staff | Nov 25, 2016

Pondering what to write about this Thanksgiving holiday, I?find myself in a quandry how our nation has become filled with those who speak so ill of one another–haters who, in hating an ideal, turn that hate onto the individual. Many times, the individuals are not even known.

How sad it is that we have come to the place in our history that we find it an everyday occurance to spew hatred and disgust for those who simply have a different opinion from our own.

Shame on us for creating a world that our children see as filled with distrust, antagonism, insults and yes, downright hate. That this should be our “normal” should never be.

But how to change? Have we come so far in our throwing of insults, “unfriending” those who disagree withour opinions or even physical assault on others that it is too late to turn the tide?

That tide can be turned but it has to be a conscious effort of each and every person to make that turn. We need to realize, first, that our opinion is not the only opinion–everyone has one and they are all unique.

Someone doesn’t have to always be right or wrong. There needs to be a middle ground. Rarely is anything black or white and never can anyone tell the future.

We must all make the effort to realize that, especially in our political world, the dye is cast and we need to accept and move on. To disagree with the outcome is natural for many, but it doesn’t have to be in such a way as to cause harm to others–mentally or physically.

I challenge each of you to be the one to seek the high road. To be the one who says something positive rather than negative. To show our next generation that we can agree to disagree and we can move forward despite those disagreements. Help make our communities loving places to be rather than filled with hate and dissent.

Each individual person can make a difference simply by choosing their words carefully and their actions as well.