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No words can describe

By Staff | Jan 6, 2017

As we start the new year, it is often a time of reflection and resolutions. This year, for our community, it is also a year of remembering a man who gave so much to this area in so many ways.

Charles “Chuck” Ellison, passed away suddenly on New Year’s Day. The loss sent shock waves through the community as those who knew and loved him took to social media as a way to share their memories and their grief.

Chuck, for those of you who may have not had the good fortune to know him, served his community in so many ways. I?met him when he was president of the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce (or perhaps even before he served in that role) and I had the pleasure to work with him on so many levels.

But working was not what it felt like with Chuck. He was so much more than someone to work with–he was a friend, sometimes a confidante and always an advocate for what was right.

Chuck was serving as the Chair of the United Way this year — an organization that meant so much to him because it meant so much to others. It was a way he could work to make sure the needs of others were met, even though he didn’t know those in need. That was just the kind of guy he was.

Memories have been floating in my mind since I heard the news early Sunday. So much laughter was shared with my friend, Chuck. Never will I?hear the company name of Frontier without “a Citizens Communications Company” playing in my head–a joke that carried on years after the name of that company changed.

I will never enter a Chamber function without thinking that I?need to cross the room to get a hug from my friend–a friend who is now treasured in my mind.

So many are so much more eloquent than I?can be when describing their relationships with Chuck Ellison. But even though the words are inadequate–I know he would laugh as he would say go find a

“scoop” to investigate rather than try to describe him. I’ll try to make your proud, my friend.