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Lessons in diplomacy needed

By Staff | Jan 16, 2017

The old saying that “You catch more flies with honey than vinegar,” is one that can definitely be applied to politicians.

As we have rounded the corner into 2017 and see new faces (and some returning faces), it should be an important lesson to learn that treating one rudely or showing no regard for one’s opinions is no way to gain favor with those you are hoping to serve.

On the national level, the disgusting habits are out of hand both on the incoming Presidential adminstration as well as on the outgoing. While one side of that coin uses verbage that is blunt and stinging to say the least, the other side simply hides the barbs to an extent with flowery, yet insincere language. The jabs are there, nonetheless–and they are directed, again, at those these officials have been elected to serve.

While the national level seems above and beyond the grasp of many local folks, watch out for similar bad behavior on the local level.

After a visit to the County Commission meeting last week, where new commissioners joined those returning, it is clear that at least one commissioner needs to take a lesson in diplomacy.

That commissioner, Peter Onoszko, now serves as president of the body and, especially in the leadership role, must at least appear to care about what constituents are saying.

Instead, he was rude, dictatorial and cut off the comments of those who had business before the group.

We would suggest that a refresher course on serving the public be taken by Mr. Onoszko, as well as by others who seem to have little patience for the presentations brought before them–nationally and locally.

While it might be difficult to listen to some points of view that differ from their own, these leaders must be reminded that they are in the seat to represent all constiuents and, as such, need to listen and understand concerns without brushing them off as unimportant, bothersome or a waste of their time.

Remember, rude and unbecoming behavior from an elected leader toward those he or she is serving will not lead to continued time in the seat.