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It’s time to take a break

By Staff | Jan 20, 2017

As I write this editorial, it is Wednesday before the upcoming innauguration of our 45th President. To say that it will be a controversial day is to say the sky is blue.

Controversy does not begin to describe what is going on in our nation. Sadly, hatred is more the apt term to express what out citizenry are spewing at each other.

There has to be some middle ground between those who see doomsday at the doorstep with Donald Trump taking office and those who believe that with the raising of the right hand all of our problems will be solved.

Our problems will not be solved. They will not be solved until both sides of the aisle seriously approach working together. They will not be solved until neighbors stop hating neighbors because of what yard sign appeared at election.

Certainly, Donald Trump is no idol who will fix all of the nation’s problems. Neither was our outgoing President. He is, however, taking the office and, like it or not, he is the president.

One can rant and rave and say “He’s not my president,” but to what end? That continued outcry will lead nowhere and will only continue to polarize more and more individuals.

Let’s all take a break from Facebook, a break from one-sided media outlets, a break from our own short-sightedness, and stand together as American citizens living in a nation that allows us to speak our minds, live our dreams and have beliefs. While doing so, don’t downgrade another who is trying to do that very same thing. Instead, embrace one another in love even if opinions differ.

If we continue down the path we are on, with no regard for working together, no respect for the Constition or the way our country is governed, what type of generation will come after us?

Be the first one to take that break and realize that compromise is what we were founded on and respect goes much farther than hatred.