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High school classes need in person teachers

By Staff | Feb 3, 2017

I was pleased to read that some parents addressed the Board of Education this week with regard to the online AP?classes currently in place at Jefferson High. Sadly, no comments were made by board members, but we can hope that they heard the message.

These classes were scheduled, unknown to parents, because the school had no teachers to teach in classroom. The online “teachers” lack the ability to teach our students adequately.

While these “online” classes may prepare them for online classes in college, they are doing nothing to help these students pass the AP exams now. Without personal instruction, the students simply are not learning.

Let them be high school kids while they can. The pressure is bad enough without making these classes basically useless. My child has informed me she won’t take the AP exam because she hasn’t learned the material. How many others feel the same?

Let’s go back to real, live teachers!