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There’s nothing like a good book

By Staff | Feb 10, 2017

Books-I love them! I read every day-and I don’t mean on an electronic device. Not to knock things like Kindles and Ipads, but I personally have to turn the pages. I guess being in the newspaper business, I see the importance of actual paper-despite its potential future move to the Worldwide Web (oh, perish the thought).

Reading a book often offers an escape. We definitely need to escape sometimes, especially from all of the current controversy in the world. The pages of a book can take you just about anywhere and plunge you into the world of spys, detectives, historical figures, lovers-you name it. There is no limit. Fiction is a wonderful thing that allows you to lose yourself in a world where they problems are not your own.

Nonfiction books provide you with educational material as well as entertainment. A good history book, biography or ‘how to’ book has no equal.

And you can get all of these lovely, paper books at your local library-for free.

Our local public libraries (Shepherdstown, Bolivar-Harpers Ferry and Summit Point here in Jefferson County) have thousands of titles from which to choose and have access to several other public libraries through inter-library loans. So, if there’s a specific book or topic you want-they can most likely find it.

The importance of libraries is a topic that goes beyond this one of enjoying a good book-and we will take that up very soon as the county commission and the state are heading into budget sessions and funding for the libraries is essential.

But before we get to that heavy stuff-take a while to select a good one in which to lose yourself. I could suggest any multitude of titles in any manner of genres. Just let me know your likes!