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Amphitheater will be asset to county

By Staff | Mar 10, 2017

Plans that are in the works to build an amphitheater at Sam Michael’s Park cannot come to fruition soon enough. The addition of such a venue will not only bring in much needed revenue to the county’s Parks and Recreation Department, it will bring in much needed entertainment to the Jefferson County.

Currently there are limited recreational spaces of this sort in our county. The Event Center at Hollywood Casino and Charles Town Races brings in some nice concerts and shows; however, to attend one much be 21 years of age. So, no family entertainment there. The Jefferson County Fair welcomes entertainment–during the one week of the year the fair is in session. An occasional concert in the park on the current state or at other parks with small pavilions do not offer what the proposed addition to Sam Michael’s will bring.

Kudos to the County Commission for passing a resolution last week to allow a grant appliction to go through. Let’s hope that the West Virginia Department of Culture and History sees this project as one worthy of their grant funding.

But, we must remember that this initial grant is simply to begin the phases of constructing a facility that will offer a place for concerts, shows, assemblies–possibly high school graduations. Once the first phase is complete, the venue can begin to generate revenue to help fund the future upgrades until the facility becomes a premier location for folks to come here rather than for folks to leave the county.

To speed up the process, other forms of donations and fundraisers could come into play. Those who wish to see a facility such as this ans who are able to contribute to its completion should contact the Jefferson County Parks and Recreation to determine exactly what is needed.

We look forward to the day when we can relax on the lawn at Sam Michael’s Park and enjoy an evening concert featuring a well known artist. To eliminate the need to drive to such places as Wolf Trap or Merriweather Post Pavilion will be a welcome occurence.

The Parks and Rec staff should be commended for their vision in moving ahead to bring a location to our county where families can gather for entertainment and enjoyment. We need many more opportunities to keep our people here.

If you are able to help see this project move forward, make a call–be a part of expanding the arts!