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Make the most of all opportunities

By Staff | May 12, 2017

Shepherd University saw its seniors complete their educational journey last week. This week, Jefferson and Washington high schools turn their senior graduates out into the world. We at the Chronicle wish every success to both college and high school grads take steps toward their futures.

We encourage the college graduates to strive for a career and not just a job. Let it be your generation that carries forth a work ethic and loyalty to company that has not been seen in the recent past. Strive not just to make the all-mighty dollar but to give hard work and dedication in the path you have chosen.

To those young teens moving forward toward college, the workforce or the military, go with the same message-life is what you make of it and there is nothing better than proving yourself as a dedicated and loyal individual.

While the road will not always be an easy one-more character is developed through the rough times-the satisfaction gained from a job well done will prove a positive as you grow into adulthood and beyond.

Do not ever let anyone beat you down for the choices you make as long as those choices are right for you and you do your best in achieving your goals. Your life is your own and what others may think or even say about you reflects only on them and not on your efforts.

Watch for opportunities that may come from perhaps sources you may never have considered. Be aware of closing doors that lead to open windows. Sometimes an unexpected path proves to be the best on which you should travel.

You should all be proud of the accomplishments your have attained so far and must continue to strive toward all good things in your futures. Our prayers and best wishes go with you all.