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Keeping Shepherdstown Wonderful

By Staff | May 26, 2017

Taking a stroll down German Street can give you a quick glimpse as to what it is exactly that makes Shepherdstown a great place to live, work and play. Small shops, local eateries, bike and canoe rentals, and a pop in to the Shepherdstown Library provide a delightful atmosphere for a slice of small town America.

While Shepherdstown offers a unique backdrop for Shepherd University, the town comes alive all its own with history, arts, entertainment and outdoor living that can’t be found anywhere else. The Bavarian Inn, having recently hosted a swarm of United States Democratic Party senators, provides a taste of European elegance usually only found in Bavaria – which should be obvious.

And the people, my goodness the people. Shepherdstown is home to some of the most uniquely gifted, artistic and charming people on the entire planet. Folks here care dearly about the environment, human rights, each other and – most importantly – keeping Shepherdstown Shepherdstown.

All of this to say, that is why I am here. Although I still reside outside of the town limits, I am grateful to now be working and serving in a city with such rich history, artistic minds and good-natured individuals whose goal in life is to love hard and live well.

My name is Andrew Temple and I am the new editor of The Chronicle. Thanks for having me Shepherdstown … I look forward working with you.