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Shepherdstown needs the Grist Mill

By Staff | Jun 2, 2017

Early last week, the Corporation of Shepherdstown Town Council met to gauge the public’s opinion regarding the fate of the historic Thomas Shepherd Grist Mill. A number of residents turned out to voice their interest – including some concerns – in the town purchasing and renovating the property.

Several residents, including a few members of the council, voiced their approval of the town purchasing the mill. Other residents, while having an interest in the mill retaining its historic value, were more uneasy about the town allocating resources into such an endeavor. There are many economic factors at play in purchasing the property – not to mention the potential for the needed renovations and updates to cause more harm than good.

Unfortunately, there is no easy solution moving forward. However, the council has rightly decided to form a separate committee headed by Mark Everhart. The committee will be focused on the pros and cons of purchasing the Grist Mill, its possible uses, the cost associated with the purchase and the possible sources of funding.

Regardless of the committee’s decision, it will ultimately be up to the town council as to whether or not the purchase of the mill will be a viable option for the town.

So, whether the Thomas Shepherd Grist Mill’s historic value will be stewarded by means of the town or from an outside buyer remains to be seen. All that can be done now is to hope whoever buys the property commits to maintain it as a historic asset to our community.