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Thanks For All The Fish

By Staff | Dec 1, 2017

Douglas Adams, the quirky English author and satirist, would have loved Shepherdstown. Who knows, perhaps somewhere in his short 49 years of life he visited our equally quirky small town. His sense of humour (British spelling intentional) would have found a happy home here.

At any rate, I have thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Shepherdstown. I like the way in which the town comes together to celebrate. I have observed the passion of the town’s residents over various issues – social, political, environmental. I have had the fortune to interview people from all walks of life, having differing worldviews and priorities, yet working together for the common good.

Beyond all of this, I have appreciated how you, the readers, have appreciated me.


However, this edition of The Shepherdstown Chronicle is my last as editor. I will still be around town, enjoying the sights, sounds and celebrations. I will be doing so as I embark on a new path, in an entirely different vein of journalism.

While the future of the paper will no longer be in my hands, I am abundantly confident that the new editor – whomever he or she may be – will continue to guide the content further than any of us could have hoped. The journalistic integrity and focus on what you, the readers, care about will surely remain.

After all, The Shepherdstown Chronicle is your go-to source for the goings on around town.

I’ll still be around town, so I’m sure I’ll bump into or work alongside many of you again. Thank you all for making me feel a part of the community, and for bringing our articles into your homes and minds each week. I am truly grateful for the time I have spent as your editor.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.