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This week from Charleston

By Staff | Mar 3, 2017

It was another action packed week in the House of Delegates. Last week my bill HB 2375, which will incentivize economic growth in our region and state by providing tax credits to new small businesses after passage, was taken up for consideration in the Small Business Committee and was very well received. Our work on the bill will continue into this week with the hope of passing it out of committee by the end of the week. If signed into law, this bill will do much in the way of kick-starting small business growth in the state.

On the floor, I’m proud to report that the bill (HB 2318) I worked on in the Judiciary Committee where I added the requirement for the registration of sex offenders, has passed the House and will now make its was over to the Senate. This much needed legislation, will be the first and only legislation in the state to specifically tackle the horrific crime of human trafficking.

Additionally, I’m humbled to write that I was appointed last week to a special subcommittee on the Judiciary to examine the issue of free speech in our elections. We are working to balance the issues of our right to political free speech, private property rights and the minimization of voter intimidation at the polls. I am committed to striking a better balance on these important issues and stand firmly on the side of the Constitution when examining them.

In the Agriculture Committee I worked on a bill that would expand the ability of individuals to grow hemp in West Virginia. I amended the bill in committee to ensure the Department of Agriculture would not be allowed to enter the business of growing hemp. My concern is this would create unfair competition for our farmers around that state.

Lastly, there has been a tremendous amount of debate around HB 2506, which relates to overlapping mixing zones in our waterways and adopting a new EPA standard for water quality. I have heard from many of you in my district and really appreciate the feedback and outreach. When the bill came before the Judiciary Committee I was the only Republican to vote no. I voted no due to my concern for our drinking water in West Virginia. My vote stands in solidarity with the concerned citizens of my district and that is why I will not support HB 2506 on the House floor.

On a final note. I’ve started a digital news letter! Please email Riley@ Mooreforwv.com to sign up and stay informed!