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It takes effort to keep Shepherdstown in the black

By Staff | Dec 9, 2008

There are several theories why the day after Thanksgiving is called “Black Friday,” but most likely it’s because it’s a day that merchants run plenty of BLACK ink on their books. That means profits. They Hope BLACK ink runs all over their books until at least the Christmas season ends.

This is not a criticism, but especially this year extra good sales could be the difference between our small businesses staying open or shutting their doors forever.

Probably not many Shepherdstown merchants have been running much Black Ink lately.

Frankly many admit that they must have strong sales starting on Black Friday. If not, count more vacated store fronts in our town. That loss would seriously diminish our precious community.

Yes, we can change this dire outcome.

Even if you pared down your shopping list and budget you can still shop locally. Yes, we can preserve an important sector of our terrific little town.

Make “Shop Locally” your Christmas buying motto. from medical supplies for ailing horses to baby booties there is a great gift for everyone right here in town. Please don’t even think Wal-Mart or their ilk.

Lets help keep the Black Ink flowing.

Quinith Janssen Smith