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Developed areas need updated hunting regulations

By Staff | Dec 12, 2008

Hunting season is “in”, and while some farmers may be glad to get rid of some deer, other people are not so enthusiastic.

Last winter brought hunters into Derr’s Field, the future Tollhouse Woods housing development, at the corner of SR480, and Morgan’s Grove Road.

On one particularly scary day, the shots rattled our windows, sounding so close that the bullets sounded as though they were shot from only a few feet from our house. Out of frustration and fear, I yelled in the direction of the shots, saying there were people and pets close by…..again shots.

I called the State Police who referred me to DNR. Eventually, the DNR officer called back and said he was on his way. My husband and I walked to the field entrance on Morgan’s Grove Road. While we waited, a woman bicylist rode pass, and people drove by as they headed Morgan’s Grove Park.

The two hunters walked across the field towards their truck that was parked near the road entrance, and I walked into the field to meet them. I was not friendly as I told them they had scared us, and shouldn’t be shooting in an area with houses, a road, and a park. One hunter was threatening, and as he dropped one of his “projectiles” from his gun, he said it could travel two miles – and it looked like it could!

The DNR officer arrived, and sort of separated us – asking me if I was frightened and felt threaten; I said yes. If there was hunting in the field after that day, we were not really aware of it. Now the field entrance is posted, but the property owners, whom I have not been able to contact, can still give written permission to hunt in that field.

I truly believe that our local,county, and state officials should outlaw hunting in areas that are near homes, a well traveled road, and a community park.

Diana Suttenfield