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Resident seeks answers to issues

By Staff | Dec 10, 2010

May a former Jefferson County resident and one-time Democrat, offer some calming moments on four current political issues?

1. Democrats: Despite excessive zeal by some fellow Republicans, not all Democrats are “left-wing nuts.” I’ve proudly supported JFK, both Mo and Stu Udall and Sam Rayburn and wouldn’t even Harry S. Truman have been a highlight during the last couple of decades?

2. Governor: How about placing popular Gus Douglas, probably our longest-serving cabinet member as Governor and letting Bob Tabb fleet up to Secretary of Agriculture?

3. Virginia Graf’s November letter: Mostly the bleat of a childish cry baby! What does any WV delegate do for national defense? Right from the get go, Ms. Graf wanted to cut Department of Defense budget in half – despite two wars and unease in North Korea, Iran and Pakistan. I’m not pro-war. Few who’ve served are – but we’re more against tyranny, terrorists and weak national security!

4. Jefferson County Noland lawsuit: How can any sitting County Commissioner publicly criticize a public employee’s performance, but have her fine and all court costs paid by the county’s insurance? Does this policy cover speeding, DUI or theft – along with public attack on a long-serving employee having no role with this commissioner? If Alaska had similar insurance, Sarah Palin might still be governor!