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Charities are in need this season

By Staff | Dec 17, 2010

A few people want to take the Christ out of Christmas. He is the reason for Christmas. Christmas is a religious holiday and is so protected by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

We were shown how to celebrate by the love He showed to the people whose society was made of outcasts. He cared for these people.

As we approach this holy season, we have been taught since childhood to love your neighbors as yourselves, forgive as we forgive others. When we practice these teachings our lives become much more peaceful.

As we give, so shall we receive.

I have found this to be a true statement. If you can donate to your church, do so. If you are not a member, give to any charity. The Salvation Army is one of the best. They are for people of broken homes. Homeless people on the street have been taken into their shelters. After their teachings the people have been restored to a meaningful life.

Another charity that helps countless people is the Catholic charities. Many starving people in West Virginia and Kentucky have been helped. They also help people all over the world, so as I have said before, donate. Any amount will help.

I want to thank my wonderful neighbors who give me the most wonderful Christmas dinner. They have done this for years. They give so much to make a pleasant holiday for others.

In closing, I wish we could get our service men and women back home. We cannot solve the problems that have existed for thousands of years in those countries.

My wish for my family and friends is that they may have a most holy and blessed Christmas. I will keep all of you in my prayers.