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Liberals, stop the crazy spending

By Staff | Dec 24, 2010

It’s really aggravates me when I hear the news reporting on the Obama “tax cut agreement.” This spin is typical of the liberal politicians and biased media.

Let me make it clear. This is not a tax cut agreement. It is an agreement that prevented an across the board tax increase from rates that have been in effect for almost 10 years!!

With unveiling of this agreement, liberals have been horrified that they weren’t going to be able to get their hands on more taxes. By supporting this agreement, Obama added one more broken promise to his impressive collection. Thirteen times he vowed to let the tax rates revert to higher levels. He, of course, spun it as “eliminating tax cuts for the rich.”

Does the media report this discrepancy?

Obama passed up a tax increase but he got extended unemployment benefits and a huge amount of “buy off pork” (AKA earmarks). Many liberals had the gall to say that we can’t afford not to have these tax increases because of the deficit!! Are you kidding!

Where was this deficit concern when you were passing Obamacare and all of these expensive, useless stimulus and bail out bills!

Lib’s, if you’re worried about the deficit, cut out your earmark bribes and stop spending away our county’s future! Look to the big “O” for guidance. Obama said if his “tax cut agreement” wasn’t passed that the country was headed for a double dip depression. So essentially, Obama is saying increasing taxes is bad for the economy… does it follow that decreasing taxes could be good for the economy?

This somewhat logical extension is what is really traumatizing and horrifying the liberals. As Liberal in Chief, I think it horrifies Obama also. However, I think the November election made him realize that if he doesn’t actually try to help the economy (and jobs) that he will be just a one-term disaster. This political expediency, has motivated him to retreat for the moment from his socialist ideology.

Let’s pay attention, don’t buy the spin. Get informed, get involved, vote.