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Resident shares Christmas joys

By Staff | Dec 31, 2010

This Christmas was one of the more enjoyable ones I have shared with my family.

It wasn’t about having thousands of presents under the tree, it wasn’t about gift giving, it was about being together as a family, giving thanks to God and sitting at the dining table and enjoying the food and each other’s company.

The other tranquil moment is when I would receive a handwritten card in the mail instead of an email. There is something about a handwritten card in the mail that makes Christmas a little more personal. I hope many will remember that next year.

My family will be adding something new next Christmas when we bake our cookies. Funnel cakes. I have to thank my favorite niece on that one.

“Aunt Liz, give the boys something they would not expect as a Christmas present.”

Well, I did. I wish she was here to see his facial expression.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas with their family and friends. The dinner table is still the most popular place to meet and have fun.

Happy New Year to all and “Yes, Martinsburg, there is a New Year! Macy’s.”

God bless.