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Healthcare will never be free

By Staff | Feb 4, 2011

Years ago, when it became apparent that there were senior citizens who did not have healthcare coverage, Medicare was created. When a need was discovered for healthcare for the indigent, Medicaid was the answer. Back then, it was not considered necessary to nationalize and control the entire healthcare system to provide coverage for a minority of citizens. The pretext for Obamacare is that there are (supposedly) 30-40 million uninsured in America. But, how many of these are illegal aliens? How many could afford healthcare, but because they are young and healthy choose not to?

If nationalized healthcare is so superior, why are Canadians coming to America for surgery? If the British nationalized healthcare system had actually worked, the British would not be in the process of abandoning it. America’s healthcare system was once the envy of the world! The advanced surgical procedures and innovative drug therapies developed would never have occurred under the nationalized system, because there is no profit motive.

Similarly, nationalized healthcare will result in fewer doctors graduating from medical school, because nationalization will mean they will be paying off their student loans for the rest of their lives! And, what is the result of fewer doctors and more patients? Rationing! And, with rationing comes government bureaucrats deciding whether your age and quality of life justify the expenditure of tests, operations, and drugs.

Nationalized medicine equals socialized medicine and socialism results in a lowered quality of life for the majority and a consistent level of misery for everyone. It is foolish to imagine that healthcare will now be free, rather we will be paying with our lives!